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Commentary | May 6, 2021

Parental Leave Program beta test is renewed through September

The Parental Leave Program beta test program has been renewed through September of 2021. At the completion of this third year of the beta test, the Office of Military Personnel Policy will evaluate paid parental leave (PLP) as a permanent program. Since the implementation of the beta test, over 300 requests have been received. The fill rate has exceeded 90% and has provided over 18,000 days of active duty coverage. 

Feedback has been exceptional from members using parental leave, their units, and the reservists who   volunteer to fill the positions. This opportunity not only provides much needed backfill for active duty positions but provides additional training and developmental opportunities for reservists in rating specific roles. The use of the reserve component to cover active duty gaps keeps our organization ready and able to provide immediate and reliable responses to any maritime incident. 

The short-term active duty for operational support (ADOS) is managed through PSC’s Surge Staffing Section and the Request for Forces (RFF) process.  

Requests for workforce coverage during times of prenatal (up to 30 days), maternity convalescent (up to 42 days) and primary caregiver (42 days) leave may be approved up to 120 days in duration to cover the non-chargeable portion of parental leave. 

To allow adequate time to identify an optimal ADOS candidate and process the request: RFFs should be received by Surge Staffing Section (CG-PSC-PSD-SSS) no later than 12 weeks prior to the requested start date. Requests not received by this date, regardless of having a by name candidate, may result in delays in the start date of the augmentation and will not take priority over those requests meeting the timeline requirement. 

The request must include the phrase “Parental Leave Augmentation” in the RFF subject line. RFFs can be requested for up to 120 days of support to cover the non-chargeable portion of parental leave. 

Units are encouraged to provide the most flexibility in coverage requests regarding to rate, rank, and competencies to better ensure a volunteer from the reserve component can be identified. 

Final selection of candidates will be made by the Parental Leave Program. A Direct Access mobilization requirement must be created in Direct Access before forwarding a completed RFF to the Surge Staffing Section. Units without appropriate DA Mobilization access should forward their RFF to their superior command (District (dx/dxr), AREA program manager, DOL-1 (DCMS/Headquarter Directorates), etc.) for assistance. 

All RFF messages for “Parental Leave Augmentation” must info the following ADMINOIX mailbox.

Surge Staffing Section manages all aspects of candidate selection and funding approvals. All PLP requests will be filled on a voluntary basis by reservists utilizing short-term ADOS orders. Any requests deemed mission critical will use the process for Mission-Critical Short-Term Augmentation and are not funded by the PLP. All members, both male and female, who are on non-chargeable leave exceeding 41 consecutive days due to the birth or adoption of a child, are eligible for PLP augmentation. 
For questions or concerns regarding this process, contact PSC’s Surge Staffing Section at:  For questions or concerns regarding the parental leave policy, contact the Office of Military Personnel (CG-133) at: