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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 11, 2021

Bravo Zulu to Randel McCormick, 2020 Auxiliary Diversity Award winner

By Shana Brouder, MyCG Writer

Auxiliarist Randel McCormick has just been named the Coast Guard Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s 2020 Auxiliary Diversity Award winner.  

McCormick has been an active auxiliarist since February 2009 when he first enrolled. He has served in several elected and appointed offices at flotilla, division, and district levels. Some positions of note include District Capitan and Assistant District Staff Office for Human Resources. 

McCormick currently serves as the Diversity Officer for his flotilla (Flotilla 53), division, and the entirety of the northern auxiliary region within the Eleventh District (D11-NR). 

He worked tirelessly to create, instill, and promote an inclusive auxiliary membership environment that projected the value of all individuals and fostered their teamwork and collective success.  

One initiative McCormick established is what he calls “diversity potlucks” to help create an inclusive environment among the auxiliary membership. He organized several of these “diversity potlucks” where auxiliarists where able to gather and share their favorite ethnic dishes, building community in the process. 

McCormick also fully leveraged virtual meeting tools to develop and deliver creative and comprehensive online diversity training workshops, authored many articles for regional auxiliary publications, and provided an engaging Auxiliary uniform workshop to units across the region.

As a direct result of his leadership, D11-NR auxiliary units more than doubled their National Commodore’s 3-Star Diversity Award submissions—submitting a total of 29 new nominations this year.

The Auxiliary Diversity Award recognizes exemplary performance by an auxiliarist in the field of diversity. McCormick’s dedication to his role, and to prompting a diverse and inclusive environment for all the auxiliarist membership of D11-NR make him an excellent example of the kind of inspirational leadership, commitment to superior services, and consistent support of the auxiliary’s diversity goals this award recognizes and honors.   

For more information, please see the 2020 Auxiliary Diversity Award Recipient ALCOAST 138/21. Questions about the National Commodore's Auxiliary Diversity Award may be directed to Stephen Minutolo via email or phone at (202) 372-1267.