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Commentary | May 14, 2021

Coast Guard updates mask guidance for vaccinated personnel

Consistent with updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, fully vaccinated personnel (who are at least two weeks beyond their final dose) are no longer required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors onboard federal facilities, Coast Guard cutters, small boats, and aircraft.  

The new mask guidance applies to fully vaccinated military, civilian, contractor, non-appropriated fund employees, auxiliary, and visitors who are at least two weeks beyond their final dose. 

All Coast Guard personnel must continue to comply with CDC guidance regarding areas where masks should be worn, including within airports, certain health care settings, and public and private mass transit. 

Masks must still be worn for all members (vaccinated and unvaccinated) attending appointments at Coast Guard clinics and healthcare settings.

Commanders and supervisors may verify military members’ vaccinations status through CGBI.

Supervisors should not ask civilian employees about their vaccination status. They also should not use information about a civilian employee's vaccination status to make decisions about how and when civilian employees will report to a workplace instead of teleworking. 

Personnel who are not fully vaccinated should continue to follow applicable CDC guidelines, including continuing to wear masks indoors. Those who remain unvaccinated are still at risk of mild or severe illness and death or spreading the disease to others. It is recommended that you get vaccinated as soon as possible.