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How to prepare for a special assignment in 2022

By MyCG Staff


Preparations for special assignments in 2022 have begun. If you are considering a special assignment or are supporting staff applying for a special assignment, the Personnel Service Center has several resources to support the application process. 

All service members are highly encouraged to pursue at least one special assignment during their career. These career broadening assignments provide members valuable opportunities to represent their ratings, network, and learn about other operational and mission support activities, making them ideal candidates for future assignments to highly visible leadership and management positions such as the Badge Network, officer in charge, and a school chief. 

 Special assignments offer a variety of programs available to all ratings, ranking from third class petty officers to master chiefs. Information on all programs can be found at the EPM special assignment portal page (CAC required). 

To check your eligibility for a special assignment, review the Military Assignments and Authorized Absences manual (Article 1.E.2, and specific programs listed). 

Each program will release an announcement and information sheet to their specific portal page (CAC required) which highlights eligibility requirements, application procedures, and timelines. These messages will be published periodically on behalf of programs through the end of July 2021.  

All special assignment positions require the member to submit the standard application (CAC required). Members should pay close attention to the application requirements and information.  


Certain special assignment positions also require the member to submit a My Panel Submission in Direct Access. Members are directed to only submit their name in this process. Command endorsement and memorandum shall be submitted as part of the standard application process. 

  • Incomplete and/or improperly formatted applications will be returned. 
  • Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors. 


The Special Assignments authorizing official will coordinate the release from rating process after the panels convening date. Applicants should not contact their assignment officers (AO) requesting to be released. However, all members are encouraged to conduct career counseling with their rating AO, to include ideal timing on when to pursue a special assignment (SA). 

Electronic information - personnel data record (EI-PDR): Updated and accurate EI-PDRs are crucial to a members’ application and screening potential. All members are encouraged to begin the process of reviewing and updating their EI-PDR now. Detailed instructions are available in the standard 
application package (CAC required). 

Members desiring an extension should follow the guidance provided in their specific program's general message as well as notify their commands to include their extension request in command concerns. Members asking for retirement from SA in AY22 should submit their request Aug. 1, 2021, to ensure backfill requirements can be met. 


SA command concerns (for positions appearing on personnel allowance list as petty officer) are due by Aug. 1, 2021.  A resource guide for command concerns is available on the EPM portal page (CAC required). 

Tentative panel schedules are posted to the PSC portal page (CAC Required).  


Points of contact: Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jaime Baldueza, special assignments officer (202) 795-6587.