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CVR users: How to prepare for June 15


BLUF: CVR will be decommissioned June 15. Please download data you need to retain by 2359 EDT June 15. 

What you need to know

  • No new CVR accounts will be provisioned after May 15. 
  • You are responsible for downloading your data off the CVR platform by 2359 EDT June 15.  
  • CVR will no longer be accessible after June 15. 
  • The Coast Guard is transitioning to DoD365.

What you need to do

  • Review your files and delete those you don't need to access after June 15. 
  • Save data you need to keep. This includes calendar entries, chats, recordings, planner boards, files, and official records that must be retained.
  • Transfer your CVR documents to another platform. (Instructions are on the CVR Hub.) 
  • Start using DoD365, which you can access via Pixel or Microsoft Office Home. A desktop app will also launch next week.

More about DoD365

  • DoD365 is the Department of Defense's enduring solution for on-site and remote office productivity and collaboration. 
  • DoD365 is essentially a suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications. It is similar to CVR.
  • More 365 applications will be added in the coming months, giving you access to world-class productivity tools.
  • This summer, the department expects to approve, implement and enable web-based access with a CAC authentication.
  • Since DoD365 operates at a cybersecurity Impact Level 5 (IL5), it can - unlike CVR - be safely used for handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). It also provides the cybersecurity necessary to safeguard the DoD network infrastructure.