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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 17, 2021

Results of first OEM credential board

By MyCG Staff

Congratulations to everyone who earned their Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential. The June 2021 Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Board convened May 31-June 4, 2021. 

The CGEMC Board was established in 2021 to recommend Coast Guard personnel who have demonstrated the highest levels of expertise and proficiency in the field of emergency management (EM) for a credential. This credential is a cornerstone effort designed to advance crisis leadership skills within the Coast Guard by promoting the principles of EM. The CGEMC is available to any active duty, reserve, civilian, or auxiliary member who meets the training, experience, and test criteria, regardless of specialty or assigned duty station/position. The CGEMC Board was modeled after the ICS Competency Review process.

The June 2021 Board was the first CGEMC Board. Members were chosen based on, among other criteria, their current possession of a Certified Emergency Management (CEM) Credential issued by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) or other comparable agency. Coast Guard members who hold a valid CEM from IAEM or other comparable agency are awarded a CGEMC, once applied for in accordance with the U.S. Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Application Guide, April 2021 ACN 037/21. Members for future boards will hold the CGEMC. The June 2021 Board reviewed 53 applications resulting in 50 credentials recommended, of the 53, 39 were CEM or other comparable agency credential holders.

The Director, Emergency Management, COMDT (CG-5RI), approved the recommendations from the Board and found the following members to have achieved the CGEMC credential as indicated below:

    Capt. Kailie Benson, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Cmdr. LuAnn Kehlenbach, Sector Northern New England
    Cmdr Martin Schell, USCGR, Pac-35
    Cmdr Dawn Prebula, Air Station Corpus Christi
    Cmdr Jason Ingram, Sector Virginia
    Cmdr Scott Smith, Sector Anchorage
    Cmdr Michael McGrail, MSST New Orleans
    Cmdr Paul Rooney, USCGR, District 1 Boston
    Cmdr Allison Cox, Sector Guam
    Cmdr David Dixon, District 17 Juneau
    Cmdr Sharon Russell, USCGR, Joint Staff South
    Cmdr Matthew Walter, Sector Sault Ste Marie
    Lt. Cmdr Amanda LeMonde, Pacific Strike Team
    Lt. Cmdr Robert LeMonde, District 14 Honolulu
    Lt. Cmdr Brittani Koroknay, District 5 Portsmouth
    Lt. Cmdr David Vihonski, TRACEN Yorktown
    Lt. Cmdr David Fernandez, Sector San Francisco
    Lt. Cmdr David Ruhlig, COMDT (CG-00-CAG)
    Lt. Cmdr Rhenee Allen, Sector Virginia
    Lt. Cmdr Kristina Butler, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Lt. Cmdr Ben O'Loughlin, Sector Ohio Valley
    Lt. Cmdr Nathaniel Sargent, Sector Northern New England
    Lt. Daniel Dunn, Gulf Strike Team
    Lt. Enrique Quinones, Sector Maryland-NCR
    Lt. Amber Larson, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Lt. Andrea Prosser, Sector San Francisco
    Lt. Patrick Chamberlin, Sector Detroit
    Lt. Terry Plank, Sector Delaware Bay
    Lt. Leah Roach, DCMS-81
    Lt. David Steele, District 5 Portsmouth
    Lt.j.g. J. Austin Newcomer, Sector Columbia River
    Lt.j.g. Andrew Grady, District 5 Portsmouth
    Lt.j.g. Brandon Young, TRACEN Yorktown
    MSSR4 Todd Wardwell, Sector Delaware Bay
    MSTC Terry Hasenauer, COMDT (CG-IMAT)
    MLES3 Lee Conroy, COMDT (CG-MLE)
    Mr. Steven Maynard, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Mr. Robert Gore, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Mr. Paul Stocklin, Sector Puget Sound
    Mr. Peter Killmer, MSU Cleveland
    Mr. Thomas Tarrants, COMDT (CG-OEM)
    Mr. Frank Cesario, Sector Miami
    Mr. Patrick Nelson, District 9 Cleveland
    AUX William Steadman, 
    AUX Joseph Gleason
    AUX Anthony Marzano
    AUX Camilo Olivieri
    AUX Stephen Kastensmidt
    AUX Joseph Leonard, Jr.
    AUX Michael Mason

Certificates will be emailed to recipients to the email address provided in their applications, and COMDT (CG-OEM-1) will enter the CGEMC into Direct Access/ESS.

The Office of Emergency Management will implement board feedback improve the application submission and review process as well as current guidance. Applicants can expect to see process improvements as well as successful application tips detailed in the Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Application Guide annually. Furthermore, the Office of Emergency Management amplifies the information contained in the guide through webinars, sample applications, FAQs and announcements all posted to the Office of Emergency Management Portal Page

Members who are interested in applying for the credential or require application guidance, can e-mail Coast Guard Office of Emergency Management.

Submission timelines and procedures are located in the U.S. Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Application Guide, April 2021 ACN 037/21. All applications for the next board are due by Aug. 15, 2021 for the October 2021 board convening.

The June 2021 Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Board membership included:
    CDR LuAnn Kehlenbach, Board President
    LCDR Amanda Le Monde         
    LCDR David Vihonski             
    LT Daniel Dunn       
    LT Enrique Quinones              
    MSSR4 Todd Wardwell
Steven Maynard served as Board Secretary and Office of Emergency Management representative.

Please email any questions regarding the June 2021 Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential Board results.


  • MyCG article: New emergency management credentials are available for any member of the workforce
  • U.S. Coast Guard Emergency Management Credential (CGEMC) Application Guide, April 2021 ACN 037/21
  • Office of Emergency Management Portal Page