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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 29, 2021

How you can prepare for the new travel system

By MyCG Staff

Earlier this year the Coast Guard announced new changes coming next fiscal year. The new Financial Management System Modernization Solution (FSMS) is scheduled to take the place of FPD, Oct. 1, 2021, along with integrating a new E-Gov Travel Services (ETS) travel system. However, with the launch of this new system the service expects some possible interruptions during the launch, including delays in the capability to process travel reimbursements and cash advances for a short time during the transition period. 
Here is what you can do to help lessen some of those transitional issues. 

All members who expect to travel during the first quarter of fiscal year 2022 (Q1 FY22) should obtain a government travel charge card (GTCC). Please visit the Coast Guard’s Travel Card Program website for instructions on how to apply. As a GTCC holder, you will also need to complete the DHS Mandated Travel Card training, which is available on the Coast Guard Learning Portal (CAC requited). To keep your account active you will need to complete this training every two years.

Since travel reimbursements will be delayed during the transition, all cardholders without an existing past due balance will be placed in a mission critical status. This means that you will be able to use your GTCC without becoming past due until claims can be processed. You will be expected to make payments on your GTCC as soon as you are able to submit a travel claim using the split disbursement feature on the travel voucher. Most importantly, existing past due balances must be paid off to be eligible for mission critical status.

If you travel before Sept. 10, 2021, you must submit your travel claim by Sept. 17 to allow for payment by the end of the September billing cycle. 

If you travel after Sept. 10, 2021, it is likely that your travel claim my not be processed until after the transition period ends.

Please communicate with your GTCC Travel Manager if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for more information as we get this new system on boarded. 


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