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My Coast Guard
Commentary | June 30, 2021

Leader of the Week: Senior Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Thomas

By From Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page

Our Deckplate Leader of the Week is Senior Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Thomas, a marine science technician, from U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco’s Incident Management Division!

Thomas exemplifies our core values by serving as an example for the members of his team, senior leaders, and his peers in the Chiefs Mess. While he believes in holding his members accountable, he leads compassion and infectious enthusiasm…his members know he cares about them and their success! As a member of the Chiefs Mess, Thomas has led many community service initiatives, is a “go-to”, trusted, and approachable leader who mentors other chiefs and takes the time to reach out to make sure our chiefs have support and are taking care of themselves. He has served as the senior enlisted advisor to the Sector commander when the CSEL was on leave or out of the office for extended periods of time, and is a reliable advisor to the junior officers and department heads. 

“We all vary in our talents as they relate to being a mentor, a coach, a manager, a leader, a confidant, a sounding board, and so much more. By understanding our individual strengths we can leverage what is most important, As a chief, we must care. Care for our members (in and out of uniform), care for our core values, care for our missions, care for the service, and care for our country. The balancing factor of a chief is integrity. So long as that integrity is not sacrificed ever, we can set the path for all to traverse and willingly follow. There is no simple answer and no one is perfect in this role so long as we always strive to be what our members need and have the foresight to anticipate some of those needs. Remember that even the shortest interaction can have a long and profound impact/influence on anyone we encounter. It is critical that chiefs make those interactions count. We aren’t always able to provide what someone wants, but we must always provide what someone needs.

The Coast Guard is unique in that your opportunities are nearly limitless. The only limit to what you can achieve is yourself. You don’t have to be the “perfect” Coastie to achieve great things, you simply have to put in the effort. To expand on that point, you get out of the Coast Guard what you put into it. Simply put, no matter what your reasons for joining, you volunteered. Use that choice to get as much out of this as you want. No matter how long you choose to be among our ranks, you volunteered for a great organization. You gave a part of your life to the betterment of our country. Most importantly though is to remember that as a member of the Coast Guard you have taken on another family. One you were born to and one you chose to serve. Nourish that family with the talents you possess and it will be better for it. Thank you for being here and doing your part.”

***Do you have someone you would like to nominate for the Leader of the Week? We are looking for all enlisted, officer, and civilian employees who stand out as a leader for our Leader of the Week. Email Chief Petty Officer Crystalynn Kneen.