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Commentary | July 14, 2021

DoD 365 update: Your files will soon migrate to OneDrive

By Kathy Murray, MyCG Staff

The C51 Service Center is starting to move personal user files from the “U” drive to OneDrive. 

This upgrade will enable users to access, share and collaborate on project documents – including Word, Power Point and Excel – in real time. 

The file transfer is latest step in the switchover to DoD365, a suite of Microsoft applications that allows all the armed services to operate in a secure online environment and replaces legacy systems.

So what exactly is OneDrive?

In DoD365, OneDrive will serve as the primary repository for personal files. It’s essentially an upgraded, more versatile “U” drive in the cloud. 

When fully functional, OneDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, instantly. If you’re collaborating one-on-one or in small virtual groups, for example, you’ll be able to quickly share a file and work on it together. Soon, we won't have to worry about who has the latest version of a document, or merge several sets of changes into a single document. 

Here’s another benefit: Your files will be accessible anywhere you can log into the CGOne Network. So when you PCS or have a temporary duty location, you won’t have to take any special action in order to access your old files.

What kind of training will I need?

To learn more about OneDrive, check out this video demonstration. 

And very soon, we’ll be sharing all the details on 365 Boot Camp, a series of custom trainings led by Microsoft instructors.

What should I know about records management?

At this time, OneDrive should only be used for in-progress documents that are considered draft deliberative. Final documents should be stored in CG Portal for record retention purposes. 

(Side note – This is a good time to remind you that CG Portal will, also, eventually be upgraded to SharePoint online down the road. More to follow at a later date.)

Who is being migrated?

Virtually all users who migrated to DoD365 will have their personal files moved to OneDrive. 

However, if you are assigned to a Coast Guard Cutter that has an onboard file server and are not transferring this assignment year, you will not be migrated due the varying nature of underway connectivity. Examples of Cutters with onboard file servers typically include cutters 75-foott or above, with the exception of 87-foot cutters outside of D7 and D8. 

If you are a shoreside user transferring to a cutter - or are on a cutter transferring to shore -you’ll receive additional guidance.

What if I’m transferring to a new unit?

OneDrive files will make it much easier to do a shore-to-shore transfer. Once your files have been migrated, you will no longer have to take action to ensure your files are accessible at the new duty station. 

As a reminder, if you’re transferring to or from a cutter, you will receive additional guidance.

How soon will my files be transferred? 

The file migration is starting now. It should take about three months to migrate all Coast Guard employees to OneDrive.

Your place in the queue should be similar to when email storage files (PSTs) were moved to the DoD365 environment. 

Expect to start receiving emails from the C51 Service Center at least a week before your migration begins. 

Will I need to do anything?
The migration process is mostly automated. You will receive an email with details, and it will specify whether you need to take any action.  

You will receive a follow-up email notification once the process is complete. 

If you use the “Z” drive to store and share files, they won’t be automatically migrated. Don’t worry though. If you are still using this legacy drive, we’ll provide you with guidance on how to manually migrate those files. 

Will I have access to my files during the process?

It can take up to two days to relocate individual files to OneDrive. During that time, your files will be read-only. 

However, if you do need to edit those files during migration, you can simply copy your “U” Drive files and store them in a separate location. 

Once the transfer is complete, OneDrive will become the new default location to store files. To support this change, users will no longer be able to access the “U” drive. 

Will there be any changes to files stored on OneDrive?

Your new files will have the same look and feel as your old files. 

You may need to reset your shortcuts to files or applications, such as links to a shared unit. But the C51 Service Center will include a follow-up guide to help you remap those links. 

Will I be able to access OneDrive through my government-approved mobile phone?

For now, mobile or personal devices will not have access to OneDrive. Eventually, the goal is to enable you to connect through any authorized device.