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My Coast Guard
Commentary | July 22, 2021

New administrative support for victims of sexual assault

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard continues to explore strategies that provide flexibility for persons victimized by sexual assault that facilitate a return to wellness. As each member's recovery is different, commands must have the administrative flexibility required to support members as needed. This new administrative option within current policy that can be leveraged by commands to support a member to return to wellness after sexual assault. 
The new administrative tool is applicable to members who file an unrestricted report and complete Coast Guard Form 6095.  

Due to the confidential nature of a restricted report, members who file a restricted report are not eligible for administrative flexibility.  


Officers should document instances when a member is not observed for a portion or entirety of a marking period. Discussion between the member, the rating chain and COMDT (PSC-OPM-3) would determine the best course of action based on the circumstances.  

For additional guidance on completing an officer evaluation report (OER) with not observed marks, or a continuity OER for a member not observed for an extended period or for the entirety of a marking period, contact COMDT (PSC-OPM-3) Officer Evaluations Branch.  


There are circumstances that may limit a member's opportunity to perform normally prescribed duties. In these cases, there may be performance restrictions from a treatment plan imposed by a medical authority. Commands, in consultation with appropriate health care providers, should establish a reasonable expectation of performance in the member's current circumstances which may include but is not limited to a different work environment, restructuring/reassigning duties, or reduced work hours. In all cases, members should not receive preferential treatment nor receive adverse evaluations solely for these circumstances.  

In situations where a member is not observed due to a care plan (e.g. inpatient care or sick leave for extended periods) and it is impossible to evaluate a member, commands may submit a request to waive the entire period.  

For assistance with administering enlisted evaluations where members have a limited opportunity to perform or enlisted evaluations waiver requests, email PSC-EPM-3, Enlisted Evaluations.  

It is prohibited to include comments on any correspondence relating to, or regarding, the member's filing of a report of sexual assault, receiving support services, and/or participating in the investigative process or judicial proceedings. 

For Sexual Assault Prevention, Response and Recovery (SAPRR) questions please email the SAPRR Program Manager, Michelle Underwood. . 

  • Command Authority to Grant Administrative Support for Victims of Sexual Assault  ALCOAST 234/21