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Commentary | Aug. 11, 2021

RAND completes URM study 

By Cmdr. Carrie Wolfe, Acting Chief of the Coast Guard Office of Diversity & Inclusion

As part of its commitment to support diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our workforce, the Coast Guard contracted with independent third-party researchers at RAND’s Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) to produce a report which was released on Wednesday titled “Improving the Representation of Women and Racial/Ethnic Minorities Among United States Coast Guard Active-Duty Members (URM) Study”.  

The report analyzed the policies, programs and practices that create potential obstacles in attracting and retaining underrepresented minorities. The report also included recommendations to help the Coast Guard achieve its goal of creating a more inclusive workforce. 

“The Coast Guard continues to seek out opportunities to foster a more inclusive, respectful Coast Guard that produces a mission-ready workforce that reflects the public we serve,” said Adm. Linda Fagan, vice commandant of the Coast Guard. “We now have established benchmarks and clear feedback from the workforce on how we can continue to improve our workplace culture. We have heard your feedback and appreciate our members for your willingness to share experiences and provide insight on how we can improve.”   

The findings and recommendations of the URM study focus in five key areas: Diversity outreach and recruiting; career development; advancement and promotion; retention; and workforce climate.  

Additionally, the Coast Guard is implementing the recommendations of both the URM and Women’s Retention Studies and will continue to execute the 2019-2023 Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan, which outlines 36-actions to measure outcomes, hold leadership accountable, and equip unit commanders with a standard set of resources to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the service

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will work with units across the Coast Guard, along with the affinity groups as we continue to release updates and opportunities for the workforce.  

The study can be found on the RAND published research website.