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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 8, 2021

Plain language pop-up training

By Christie St. Clair

Join MyCG's staff as we celebrate International Plain Language Day on Oct. 13.

Plain language makes it easier for people to read, understand and use Coast Guard communications. And, it is federal law!

We’re all busy. We don’t want to waste a lot of time “translating” difficult, wordy documents. Plain language writing saves time. If we save time, we save money. Plain language is good customer service and makes life easier for the public, as well as our workforce.

Writing in plain language isn’t easy, but it pays off in positive results. Plain language means readers understand your documents more quickly. Readers call less often for explanations. They make fewer errors filling out forms. They don't grumble as much at having to fill out those forms in the first place. They comply more accurately and quickly with requirements. If your customers don’t understand your documents, you may have to:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Write explanatory letters
  • Write an explanatory document
  • Litigate

This two-hour "pop-up" training will help you get better at writing more effectively. It will be helpful whether you're a confident writer or someone who stresses over every word. We'll also give you a handy cheat sheet to hang near your computer.

Please join us!

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