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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 20, 2021

Best Places to Work: Coast Guard District 17

The 17th District is one of the Coast Guard's best places to work! Check out this video about us, and read on to learn more about why members love working here.

What we do: The Coast Guard has a long and distinguished history of service in Alaska where the maritime environment is one of the most demanding anywhere. It requires operators and support personnel alike to be at the top of their games.

Why it's fulfilling: We excel in our operations as vessel traffic and human activity continue to increase in the region. In Alaska, we build effective partnerships. We work extremely close with our tribal, local, state, community, and industry partners for success in operating in the vast expanse of the state. The support we provide our members and their families helps make this a strong community.

Why you should work here: With new assets flowing into District 17 including Fast Response Cutters, Offshore Patrol Cutters, and C-130Js, there is no better place to learn and advance your skills.

What we do for fun: Most towns in Alaska have a small community feel with breath taking scenery and world class outdoor recreation making this a great place for families.

The best kept secret: Although there are definitely snowy and cold days here, our best-kept secrets are all the summer days where we get to experience all of the outdoor actives in the sun and green forests.