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Commentary | Oct. 19, 2021

New reserve doctrine signed, released

By Lt. Cmdr. Tracy M. Clere, Coast Guard reserve

Last month, Adm. Karl Schultz, Coast Guard Commandant, signed the Doctrine for the Coast Guard Reserve, Publication R.  Pub R is a foundational document and the first of its kind explaining the origins of the Coast Guard reserve, its purpose, and the vision for the future. Pub R captures the unique history, experience, structure, missions, operations, and purpose of the reserve component, as part of an integrated Coast Guard workforce. 

This doctrine covers many topics, including:

  • Force management;
  • Mission priorities;
  • History:
  • Authorities;
  • Readiness;
  • Mobilization, and
  • Lifestyle.

The various duty statuses, types of orders and support infrastructure are also explained, which give complexity and dimension to reserve management and governance. Pub R establishes a framework to guide future leaders, policy-makers, and service members who seek to understand key concepts. 

This is the capstone document that introduces essential concepts and overarching guidance for the Reserve and its utilization in support of Coast Guard missions. Publication R can be found on the Coast Guard’s website and the Coast Guard reserve Portal page.