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Commentary | Dec. 6, 2021

CGTips app offers ability to report crime instantly, anonymously

By Michelle Underwood, Sexual Assault Prevention, Response, and Recovery Program Manager

Most anything can be accessed on our phones: yoga classes, banking, podcasts, event calendars, you name it! But did you know there’s an app that allows you to be an anonymous tipster?

Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) has a mobile app, CGTips, which allows users to instantly and anonymously report information about a crime to law enforcement. You can make an anonymous tip anytime, anywhere, with confidence that a CGIS agent will be notified and the tip will be investigated to the extent possible.

I downloaded CGTips on my phone and found that the app offers the user options to submit a new tip, report on an existing tip or investigation, provide suspect information, or link to the CGIS website. Crime examples are listed and hyperlinked along the right margin, encouraging the user to input information that could help an agent investigate the tip. Some examples of crimes that can be reported are assault, drugs, human trafficking, insider threat, robbery, and fraud, to name just a few.

CGTIPS app logo

CGIS encourages people to share information about new crimes, as well information that may help with an ongoing investigation.  

Victims of sexual assault who have already reported the crime can also use CGTips to report retaliation or reprisal related to reporting. CGTips will assign a case number, which allows the user to stay informed on the progress of the case. 

We all have a part to play in keeping our communities safe. If you see something, say something! You can use CGTips to submit an anonymous tip to CGIS agents on the mobile app, by phone, or from your desktop or mobile browser.

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