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Commentary | Dec. 21, 2021

Time to weigh in on cutter workloads 

By Kathy Murray, MyCG Writer

Editor's Note: link has been fixed.

Here’s your chance to tell it like it is, cutter crews: How do you feel about your inport workloads? 

The Sea Duty Readiness Council (SDRC) has put out a new survey to gather feedback on this much-discussed issue, and they want to hear from you.  

It’s part of the Coast Guard’s effort to find ways to lessen the load and provide relief to cutter personnel who often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks to complete upon their return from sea.   

The SDRC is an initiative run jointly by Coast Guard operations and mission support to recruit, develop and retain the seagoing workforce. Since it was set up in January 2021, the council has pursued policy changes and other measures to improve life underway, including both boosting service wide exam credits and exploring better family connectivity options for those serving on cutters.  

When the SDRC launched the Inport Workload survey Nov. 17, 2021, participation was so high it temporarily brought the system, says Lt. Cmdr. Nate Dufresne, Naval Engineering Workforce Manager. “Even so, we got more than 700 responses in the first 36 hours,” he added. “Clearly, this is something people are passionate about.”  

All members currently serving afloat or with recent cutter experience are encouraged to participate in the survey, which is up and running. It will remain open through Jan. 31, 2022. This is to allow units currently underway, who may be experiencing connectivity issues, to take part. If you need additional time to complete the survey, please email Dufresne or call (202) 475-5719. 

You can access the survey here.  

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