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Commentary | Jan. 12, 2022

ALCGOFF 003/22: Establishment of officer Special Experience Indicator CG-SEI-24 - operational safety specialists

By CAPT J. L Sinclair, Chief of Officer Personnel Management (CG-OPM)

Editors Note: An ongoing technical issue is preventing General Messages from autopopulating on public websites such as MyCG. To ensure military members have easy, timely access to critical personnel announcements, MyCG is publishing ALCGPSC, ALCGOFF and ALCGENL messages as articles. Once the issue is resolved, MyCG will go back to our normal practice of publishing modern, plain-language news articles on the homepage, with personnel messages autopopulating on the appropriate audience pages. If you have any questions, please email us at

R 111450Z 11 JAN 2022
UNCLAS //N05300//
ALCGOFF 003/22

A. Coast Guard Officer Specialty Management System Manual, COMDTINST M5300.3A (series) 
B. Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series)  

Per REF (A), the Office of Safety and Environmental Health, CG-113, established a Special Experience Indicator (SEI) for the Operational Safety Subspecialty (CG-SEI-24). The Coast Guard continues to maximize diverse and complex systems to meet operational demands. The rapid increase in volume and variety of operations necessitates increasingly multifaceted safety strategies and practices. To meet these challenges head-on, the Coast Guard adopted proven management strategies to institute and oversee safety efforts. Officers who earn CG-SEI-24 have experience and training in roles which apply Coast Guard Safety Management System (SMS) principles per REF (B). SMS is comprised of four components: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion. Officers with this subspecialty serve at the field and staff levels. 

The CG-SEI-24 Officer Subspecialty Requirements (OSR) establishes standards which contain qualifications, training, education, and experience necessary to proceed through the Operational Safety Specialty Experience Indicator pathway. There are three ways to demonstrate proficiency – Competencies, Education, and Experience.    

  • Level I: Not Applicable.    
  • Level II: This level requires training which introduces safety fundamentals as part of course curriculum.
  • Level III: This level requires officers to build upon their level II training by gaining experience through completing two years as a Unit Safety Officer or Assistant Safety Officer. This experience is normally achieved at the XO or equivalent level. In order to achieve this level, officers must also complete one of the approved competencies.  
  • Level IV: This level identifies those with 2 years of experience in a designated staff Safety Billet who are directly creating and implementing organizational safety policy and demonstrating mastery of safety through competency, education or licensing.

All officers who meet the requirements for this subspecialty are invited to apply for CG-SEI-24. Any waivers may be requested from CG-1131.

The CG-SEI24 OSR is available via CG Portal, PSC-OPM-3 Webpage.

Operational Safety Specialist points of contacts:

  • Surface - LCDR Tyson Richards, (202) 475-5147,
  • Aviation - CDR Neal Corbin, (202) 475-5141,
  • CG-SEI-24 Specialty Manager CDR Jeremy Denning (202) 475-5162,

CAPT J. L Sinclair, Chief of Officer Personnel Management (CG-OPM), sends.

Internet release is authorized.