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My Coast Guard
Commentary | March 2, 2022

Military members here is your financial readiness at every turn—a new approach to your career’s financial preparedness 

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

Editor’s Notes: Join us today for Wellness Wednesday where there will be an overview discussion. 

The Coast Guard recently made significant changes to improve financial preparedness among our members as stated in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2016. Military members will receive financial readiness training from the time you enter service and then throughout your military career, concluding as you transition into civilian life. 

To support this Congressional mandate, Financial Readiness Training now aligns with your personal or professional life events referred to “Touchpoints.” Events throughout your military career include, marriage, the birth of your first child, or a promotion. When you are anticipating or undergoing a life change, one of 14 Touchpoint Trainings should meet your needs. Specifically, training courses covering topics such as how to apply for continuation pay, how to update your spending plan, and how to evaluate your insurance or your retirement needs.  

Available sessions offer a mix of one-on-one, classroom training, as well as online training through the Learning Management System (LMS); 12 Touchpoint Training videos can be found on the LMS and they average about 45-minutes to complete. In addition to the LMS courses, you can find the Coast Guard Financial Touchpoint Curriculum on the FINRED website, Coast Guard Resource Page.  

“Ultimately the goal is for our members to remain mission-ready and achieve financial security throughout their time with the Coast Guard and beyond,” said Joi Tann, Personal Financial Management Program specialist. “These financial literacy trainings are available as members move through their career roadmap and during their life’s journey so that they can continue to make smart financial decisions,” added Tann.  

Spouses are alongside members as they navigate these milestones and are often heavily influenced by the life choices members experience. This is why there is also a complimentary website with financial information just for them,  

“This website is extremely informational and helps to make spouses aware of the requirements so that they can support their member as they complete their financial trainings and as they apply the information to their own lives,” said Tann. 

You can anticipate reminders to take the financial courses from your units or commands when you change duty stations or when you make changes at the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)office. You are expected to self-certify that you are meeting your training milestones within the LMS. 

In fact, today’s Wellness Wednesday discussion will cover training expectations, introduce the Touchpoint Curriculum, and offer an overview of the Spending Plan in the New Year. The session will be held March 2, at 3 p.m. EST and will be accessible on the CG Teams platform

Here is a complete list of the touchpoint trainings available on LMS: 

(You can access the portal trainings with your CAC) 

  1. Pre-Deployment Financial Readiness  
  2. Post-Deployment Financial Readiness  
  3. Marriage Financial Readiness  
  4. Divorce Financial Readiness  
  5. Continuation Pay Entitlement Financial Readiness  
  6. Welcoming Your First Child Financial Readiness  
  7. Vesting in the TSP Financial Readiness 
  8. Promotion Financial Readiness 
  9. Leadership Training Financial Readiness  
  10. Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Financial Readiness 
  11. First Duty Station Financial Readiness 
  12. Disabling Sickness or Condition Financial Readiness 

Relevant Resources: 

  • If you need additional information on the Financial Readiness Touchpoint Training, contact your nearest Personal Financial Manager (PFM) located at each Health, Safety, and Work-Life Regional Practice (HSWL-RP) or email the CG-1112 Personal Financial Management Program Specialist Joi Tann at
  • ​For additional information and resources for the Personal Financial Management Program, please visit their website