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My Coast Guard
Commentary | March 11, 2022

Officers: Learn how to get noticed by boards and panels

By Nicole Bertrand, MyCG Staff

Promotions and post-graduate school are key to a successful officer career. Officer Personnel Management (OPM) will hold an interactive virtual session March 16 at 2 p.m., Eastern Time, to share the ins and outs of being recognized by boards and panels.

Subject matter experts from OPM-1 will focus on promotion boards, board criteria, and boardroom logistics. They will also answer your questions about the postgraduate panel process, accessions and separations.     

“We’re excited to talk about the promotion board process and answer questions from the fleet,” said Cmdr. Dave Ratner, OPM-1 branch chief.  “This session will enable us in real time to provide clarity, education, and assistance for officers as they prepare for these career-impacting processes. This session is also great venue for wardrooms to come together and ask questions or share experiences. Lastly, I want to thank our ambassadors, all those who served on a promotion board or panel in the past and take the knowledge gained back to their unit and share it amongst their own wardroom.” 

This session on promotions/post graduate school is the third of 10 virtual events. To register for this or future sessions, E-mail OPM-4 the events and dates you'd like to attend. OPM will then send you the link to the invitation.