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Commentary | March 24, 2022

Show your ombudsman how much you care

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

March 26 is a day set aside to honor our Coast Guard ombudsmen for their dedicated service to our workforce. They officially serve as liaisons and vital communication links between the commands, units, and a members’ family. 

“Our ombudsmen volunteers are crucial to the success of our Coast Guard mission,” said Rear Adm. Dana Thomas, the director of Health, Safety, and Work-Life. “They selflessly dedicate their time, their lifestyles and often times, their careers—all in support of their loved one and our Coast Guard member. The ombudsman support enables the service members and their commands to focus on their missions while knowing their family members have a trained and reliable resource to guide them on the home front.” 

Health, Safety and Work Life (HSWL) ombudsman coordinators serve as resources to ombudsmen and commanders. When our families face specific challenges like deployment, family emergencies, or educational training—ombudsmen are usually the first point-of-contact and are able to refer them to resources. 

“To all Coast Guard ombudsmen, your devotion and commitment is highly commended and respected. On behalf of the Coast Guard family, thank you and happy Ombudsman Appreciation Day!” said Thomas. 

Leaders are encouraging commands to host appropriate functions that express gratitude and appreciation for ombudsmen and their families. For more information contact either the Atlantic Area Regional Ombudsman Coordinator, Lori Carrington or the Pacific Area Regional Ombudsman Coordinator, Ryan Fahlenkamp. You may also refer to the Ombudsman Appreciation Day ALCOAST 095/22 (requires Coast Guard Portal access).