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My Coast Guard
Commentary | July 18, 2022

DoD365 is coming to government issued smartphones

By Kathy Murray, MyCG Writer

Accessing your inbox, calendar, and other productivity apps on your authorized mobile device is about to get easier with the latest major enhancement to DoD365. 

The Coast Guard has begun transitioning authorized smartphones to Microsoft Intune, a next generation interface that will essentially turn your government provided iPhone or iPad into a mini-workstation. Dubbed DoD365 Mobile+, it will allow you to do things like get emails, collaborate on work files, or host Teams meetings from your device, just as you would on your work computer. 

DoD365 Mobile+ will replace BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) services, which currently provides 8,000 authorized users limited access to email and limited internal Coast Guard websites from their devices. The new platform will offer these and other mobile workers access to the suite of DoD365 tools and applications – including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint (Coast Guard Portal, both new and old), and much more – right from their smartphones. It will also provide the ability to visit many CAC-enabled websites and the promise of more features down the road, including PDF document signing and printing from mobile devices.  

What happens next? 

The Coast Guard has already transitioned 1,000 volunteer mobile users to DoD365 Mobile + as part of a successful pilot. The next step is migrating the remaining 7,000 users currently licensed for BlackBerry UEM client services to DoD365 Mobile+ by July 31. 

In addition, another 7,000 members with authorized mobile devices who have no access to BlackBerry UEM services due to contract limitations, will also be able to use DoD365 Mobile+. The Coast Guard is encouraging increases in the mobile workforce as needed since the only extra costs incurred will be for purchasing authorized mobility devices. Commands wanting to enable DoD365+ on phones not currently licensed for BlackBerry should contact their local unit Cellular Resource Manager (CRM) for guidance. Additionally, commands  wanting to expand mobile use to additional personnel can procure devices with greater flexibility through their local unit CRM. 

What do users need to do?  

With the release of the Coast Guard-Wide Migration to DOD365 - SITREP 13 ALCOAST 256/22  (CAC required to access), the C5I Service Center’s mobility team enabled all user devices for access to DoD365 Mobile+, and you will need to take specific actions to configure your device for access.  

You will receive email confirmation from the mobility team when your device is ready for migration as well as a self-enrollment guide on how to re-provision and configure it. No CGFIXIT ticket is required. The email will also contain additional guidance, including where to get help if needed.  

While you won’t need to schedule an appointment or have a technician wipe your device, you should set aside one to two hours for re-provisioning as soon as your schedule allows. However, all users must complete the self-enrollment process and transition from BlackBerry services to DoD365 Mobile+ by the end of July.     

What about aviators?   

The aviation community is being evaluated and tested separately prior to their migration to the DoD365 Mobile+ environment given specific dynamics of their operating environment. However, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to bring DoD365 Mobile+ to the aviation community as quickly as possible. More information will be provided in the future. In the interim, aviators will continue to use BlackBerry services.  

The C5I Service Center is acutely aware of the essential role mobility devices play in everyday operations throughout the fleet and is committed to delivering tools to enable a connected and mission-ready workforce envisioned by the Tech Revolution.  

DoD365 Mobile+ will drastically improve the ability for our workforce to execute critical missions from the field while staying connected to key resources like never before. This includes arming our field operators with enhanced mobility capabilities such as being able to share on-scene video through DoD365 Teams, streamlined transfer of imagery from devices to Coast Guard Workstations, and much more!  

For additional information about DoD365 Mobile+ go to the DoD365 website (CAC required). 


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