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Commentary | Aug. 3, 2022

Coast Guard recognizes outstanding contracting and procurement professionals  

By Loretta Haring, Coast Guard Acquisitions

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Head of Contracting Activity Awards, which were presented at a ceremony May 17 in Washington, D.C.   

These seven awards recognize the achievements of individuals and teams who provided exceptional performance in contracting and procurement for the Coast Guard during fiscal 2021. This year’s recipients, by award are:  

Outstanding Contracting Professional of the Year – Tammy Kao, Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC)   

For managing a 62.5 % expansion of annual workload in response to an unexpected vacant position and broadening partnerships with remote Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) contracting officers to leverage support for five projects totaling $1.8 million.  

Outstanding Procurement Professional of the Year – Jennifer Souza-Madura, Director of Operational Logistics – Office of Procurement and Contracting (DOL-9)  

For developing a procurement request tracking tool for use during the Financial Systems Modernization Solution cutover period.  

Supervisor of the Year – Steven Powell, DOL-9  

For successfully leading the consolidation of storekeepers from Base Elizabeth City and Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina. This not only increased productivity, exchange of ideas, and customer service, but also improved flight readiness at Air Station Elizabeth City through more robust parts issuance.  

Rising Star of the Year – Petal Donald, Surface Forces Logistics Center  

For supporting the Medium Endurance Cutter Product Line and ensuring the good stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  

Bridge Builder of the Year – Gary Mallory, Aviation Logistics Center (ALC)  

For supporting the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) program and the mentorship of junior CORs and strategizing the best use of the aircraft maintenance contract.  

Outstanding Contracting Team of the Year – Pam Argilan, Cheryl Allen, Michele Williams, Alex Holmes, Malita Smith, LaSean Gray, Harris Carr, Cynthia Clemons, Maria Chapa Johnson, SKC Julius Parrish, Gabe Perez, Wes Whisner, Daniel Brazell, Mathuei Kenneybrew, Moshe Damari, Adam Birkland and Melvin Tiglao of SILC  

For surging and delivering outstanding mission support at the “speed of need,” including the following major milestones: completed five projects valued at $45 million, awarded 13 major procurement, construction, and improvement projects valued at over $325 million, and released an additional eight contract solicitations valued at over $300 million. The achievements included the largest contract award in Facilities Design and Construction Center history (Sector Key West Hurricane Rebuild, $82.5 million) and the award of eight other hurricane rebuild projects that will directly enhance operational capability and resiliency in Districts 7 and 8.  

Innovative Contracting Team of the Year – Patrick Morris, Tony Twiddy, Johnnie Barnett and Al Lotz of ALC  

For developing a creative plan to ensure all applicable files for audits are thoroughly reviewed in the virtual environment and remain on schedule. 

To learn more about contracting in the Coast Guard visit the CG-91 Portal page (CAC required).