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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Sept. 1, 2022

Two Upcoming CG SUPRT webinars can help with life plans 

By Keisha Reynolds, MyCG Writer

As a life planning resource for Coast Guard members, CG SUPRT is offering two upcoming webinars with information on purchasing a house and on planning your estate.

I Want to Buy a House Webinar, Sep. 6 - Purchasing a home is an achievable goal if you do your research and plan for all the expenses associated with both purchasing and maintaining a home. Experts will walk you through the different types of mortgage loans, review what lenders are looking for, and what costs you can expect from the closing process. Here’s where you register for this webinar presentation. 

Estate Planning: Financial Basics Webinar, Sep. 22 -  Many of us know we should have an estate plan, but we don't know how or when to get started. The components of an estate plan will be discussed in this presentation, as well as how your plan may change as you go through different stages of life. Lastly, the pros and cons of hiring an attorney, versus doing most of the work yourself. Here’s where you register for this webinar presentation.

The events are held at multiple times to accommodate different time zones, please select your best time on the registration page for that webinar. Organizers indicate that the Chrome browser should be used for the best audio experience. Learn more about your personal financial wellness program by visiting CG SUPRT or call 1-855-CG SUPRT (247-8778).