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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 3, 2022

ENLISTED: Policy update for advancement opt out  

By Annie Sheehan, MyCG writer

As part of Ready Workforce 2030 and the Commandant’s 100-Day Action Plan, enlisted members may now opt out of advancement with fewer long-term career implications. 
Previous policy required commands to document a member’s desire to opt-out of advancement in an administrative remark entry form (CG-3307), that would live in a member’s service record for the duration of their career. Under the revised policy, members may elect to opt out of advancement via a standard memorandum to the Coast Guard Personnel and Pay Center.   
“The permanent entry documenting a member’s desire to opt-out of advancement was somewhat ambiguous, and it was up to the reader to determine whether the entry was positive or negative,” said Capt. Jonathan Carter, who leads the Enlisted Personnel Management (EPM) division. “This revised policy removes that ambiguity.”  
The new policy also offers more flexibility regarding a member’s eligibility to compete for future advancement opportunities. Under the previous policy, enlisted members who opted out of advancement were required to wait a full year from the date of their election before being eligible to compete for advancement again.   
“That wait could sometimes total longer than a year depending on the member’s advancement opt-out date,” Carter said. “Under the revised policy, active duty members who elect to opt-out of advancement between May 1st and November 1st will be eligible to compete in the very next advancement competition, if all other advancement requirements are met.”  
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  • Updates to Policy for Enhanced Enlisted Career Flexibility ALCOAST 369/22