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Commentary | Oct. 25, 2022

If you’re good with computer, a cyber security career may be for you 

Typically, when people hear that someone works in cyber, they think of someone in a dark room, wearing a hoodie, hacking into a computer system. While this is a great visual for movies, this is not indicative of what working in cyber is in real life. 

There are hundreds of jobs that revolve around cyber. So many so, that currently there are about 700,000 cyber job openings in the United States alone – and that number continues to grow every day! 

This Cyber Security Awareness Month, we at CISA want to help you to #SeeYourselfInCyber. These jobs are not just for those that are “good with computers." They are a great fit for those from every background! To learn more about different cyber careers, check out CISA's Cybersecurity Career Cards

Training doesn't always take place in a classroom. That's why we like to think outside of the box and offer both traditional and non-traditional training opportunities to keep our nation's cyber workforce at the top of its game. These trainings include competitions, webinars, and hands-on labs. Check out CISA's Cybersecurity Career Resources to enhance your cyber career now: 

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, take some time to explore all the amazing opportunities a cybersecurity career can offer and ask yourself, “How do I see myself in cyber?"