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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 26, 2022

The Coast Guard is finding new ways to retain talent and train leaders  

By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Staff Writer 

The Coast Guard is finding new ways to incentivize duties and assignments. Don’t miss out on these incentive pay programs. Read on to see if you are eligible! 
Special Duty Pay/Assignment Pay (SDP/AP) 
The Coast Guard has announced the results of the fiscal year 2023 Special Duty Pay/Assignment Pay Panel (FY23 SDP/AP). These new rates became effective Oct. 1st. As a reminder, the monthly SDP and AP levels are:          

SD-1 - $75 AP-1 - $75
SD-2 - $150 AP-2 - $150 
SD-3 - $225 AP-3 - $225
SD-4 - $300 AP-4 - $300
SD-5 - $375 AP-5 - $375 





To view the full list of conditions and eligible enlisted assignments, please see FY23 Special Duty Pay (SDP) and Assignment Pay (AP) ALCOAST 359/22
No member may receive both SDP and AP at the same time. If a member is eligible for both, they may choose which special pay (SDP or AP) they wish to receive. If a member is serving in a billet with authorized SDP and is eligible for another SDP, they may receive the higher of the two amounts. If a member meets criteria for two SDP categories with equal pay, the member is authorized SDP for the category that most aligns with their main position. 
More opportunities to earn 
The Coast Guard continues to explore new ways to raise pay for critical roles in the field through Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP). The Coast Guard recently announced Assignment Incentive Pay for Pre-Commissioning Cutter Crews (AIP-PCC). Previously, crews generally did not receive any extra pay (including sea pay) until a cutter was commissioned or delivered. Some crews even arrived at pre-commissioning cutter units up to one year before the cutter was commissioned or delivered. Now, this pay of $200 per month kicks in on the day pre-commissioning cutter crews report in.  
Eligible members may receive AIP-PCC in addition to special pay or any other monetary incentive. The new AIP-PCC took effect on Sept. 1st. For more information about terms and conditions, see the Assignment Incentive Pay for Pre-Commissioning Cutter Crews (AIP-PCC) ALCOAST 372/22
Stationed at Station Brant Point, Nantucket, Massachusetts, or Station Menemsha, Chilmark, Massachusetts, or considering either location for your next assignment? Both units are eligible for the new Assignment Incentive Pay-Remote and- Austere Conditions (AIP-RAC). As of Mar. 1st, permanently assigned members who live within the Military Housing Area (MHA) for Station Brant Point and Station Menemsha are eligible for AIP-RAC. For specific rates and conditions, click here

The newest pay established by the Coast Guard is Assignment Incentive Pay for Cutters Undergoing Maintenance Periods (AIP-CMP)! Officers and enlisted members on permanent assignment aboard a career sea pay (CSP) - eligible vessel - and whose Career Sea Pay has been stopped due to extended cutter maintenance - may receive AIP-CMP at the rate of $200 per month. AIP-CMP took effect on October 1, 2022. You can read more about eligibility requirements in the Assignment Incentive Pay for Cutters Undergoing Maintenance Periods  ALCOAST 399/22.  
Workforce Planning Teams (WPT) 
The workforce planning teams have been hard at work. The FY23 Workforce Planning Team Results - Overview  ALCOAST 401/22 provides an overview of the non-monetary and monetary interventions approved so far for FY23.  The Coast Guard will continue to strengthen the workforce and retain talent by evaluating these and other special pay programs. 
If you have any questions, please contact COMDT (CG-1332).  
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