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Commentary | Nov. 10, 2022

Submit your ideas to GSA 10x by Nov. 30 

By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Writer 

The General Services Administration (GSA) wants to hear your ideas about how government can use technology to better serve the public. Submit your thoughts by Nov. 30 for your chance to have a say. 
The GSA’s 10x program solicits ideas from federal employees and selects a handful to convert into technology projects improving the government’s service for the public. This year, the program wants to hear ideas addressing two themes, digital foundations and equity in delivery. How can government build an innovative digital infrastructure to lay the groundwork for a trailblazing physical infrastructure? How can the government improve the way it serves those who need its help the most? 
Many important initiatives were born out of 10x, including the U.S. Web Design System, the De-risking Guide, and the Bias Toolkit
All federal employees are eligible. To enter the competition, submit a few sentences about your idea here
For more information or if you have any questions, please contact GSA 10x