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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Dec. 14, 2022

Announcing new civilian WPT incentives 

By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Writer 

Civilians, don’t miss out on the new incentives for fiscal year 2023 (FY2023), which have just been announced. Like the military WPT, the civilian Workforce Planning Team (WPT) meets quarterly and uses data and analyses to design interventions that will strengthen the workforce and ensure the Coast Guard remains always ready. This team works with Coast Guard program offices to design and recommend incentives to help recruit and retain the best talent for our workforce. Diane Beatrez of the Office of Civilian Human Resource Operations and Craig Swirbliss of Workforce Forecasting and Analysis serve as civilian WPT co-chairs.  
“We are trying to take care of our workforce by providing monetary and nonmonetary incentives to help attract and retain civilian employees,” said Swirbliss. “The Coast Guard provides tremendous career opportunities for civilian employees. They provide continuity throughout the service and are the backbone of most of our programs.” 
Swirbliss wants interested civilians to know: “Every day we rely on our civilian employees to carry out our missions in service to the public. Civilian employees can have a full career in the Coast Guard and we as leaders are doing what we can now to make that worthwhile—professionally and personally.”
The full list of interventions is below. 
Monetary Interventions 

  • Recruitment and relocation incentives for stressed job series – the Office of Workforce Forecasting and Analysis and the Office of Civilian Human Resources Operations (CG-123) have identified 20 Coast Guard civilian occupational series that exceed or are approaching the federal average vacancy rate of 10%. Authorizing a blanket 10% for GS positions and a 15% wage grade recruitment and retention incentive for these stressed series will assist in reducing the vacancy rate in these series. 
  • Permanent change of station (PCS) for stressed job series  
  • Alaska civilian recruitment and relocation incentives  
  • Base Miami Beach civilian recruitment incentives 
  • Civilian cyber retention bonus 
  • Office of Civilian Human Resources Operations Contractor Support 

On the non-monetary side, the civilian WPT will establish a sub-team to review federal wage system (FWS) wage parity with Department of Defense (DoD) FWS wage areas for all non-Yard Coast Guard wage-grade duty locations.   
For further questions about the WPT process (military or civilian), please contact Cmdr. Jason Hopkins of the Office of Strategy and Resources. 
In the news: 

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