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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 12, 2023

Files on command drives must be transferred to DoD365

By Martin Berman-Gorvine, MyCG Writer 

“Command drives” that store vital electronic information for Coast Guard units will soon be shut down and replaced by more modern facilities. These drives will become read-only on Feb. 1, 2023, meaning that users will be able to access and copy information, but not add or edit content within them. They will go offline on May 1.

The C5I Service Center will be decommissioning command drives, which are also known as “P drives”, “unit shares”, “command folders”, or “local unit drives.” Physically, they are located in onsite file server computers. 

Commands and unit data custodians must evaluate all files and transfer those currently stored in these drives before May 1 to the appropriate location in DoD365, which will end up being the file storage capabilities within DoD365 Teams’ channels, for the most part. Files that meet the standards of official records should be relocated to the (new) CGPortal Online environment.

A DoD365 SITREP was recently released with more information, resources, and guidance on the transition, which is available here: Coast Guard-Wide Migration to DOD 365 - SITREP 15 ALCOAST 491/22 (CAC required to access). The proper transfer of information is vital to retain and improve access to shared electronic unit information. If you are responsible for any of this information, please consult with your designated unit Records Coordinator for help with policy on official records, their appropriate storage locations, and retention schedules.

Commands can set up storage locations through Teams that will have the same “look and feel” of file structures, folders and sub-folders they have in the old command drives. By and large, this should be a copy-and-paste effort depending on the volume of information being moved.

The new arrangement is intended to be a more stable, secure, and accessible way for units to store and share information.

Affected units include all shore units and smaller cutters without onboard file servers that still use “legacy” (older) onsite file servers to centrally store or share data. Cutters with onboard file servers are not affected, and will remain unchanged until further notice.

Database files used in applications such as Microsoft Access will not open from within DoD365 Teams storage locations. However, you can request a special-use storage location.

Compared to legacy command drives, Teams and its file storage and sharing capabilities, along with CGPortal Online, significantly enhance file accessibility, security, and collaboration. Ultimately, this transition improves access to critical unit information. Once transitioned, units will be able to access the majority of their shared unit information in a more stable and secure way, including from a personal CAC-enabled computer via DoD365 Online and from approved mobility devices through DoD365 Mobile+. 

This transition is occurring in tandem with the phaseout of the Coast Guard’s old CGPortal and all of its intranet sites, which are migrating to the DoD365 SharePoint online environment. 


  • Coast Guard-Wide Migration to DOD 365 - SITREP 15 ALCOAST 491/22 (CAC required to access)

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