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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 18, 2023

Coast Guard extends enlisted retirement age 

By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Writer 

The Coast Guard has extended the retirement age for active duty enlisted members from 30 years to 34 years of military service.  
If you have an approved retirement letter based on the previous policy, and you would like to continue your career in the service, please contact the Separations branch of the Enlisted Personnel Management division (EPM-1). If you have any questions about how service beyond 30 years impacts assignment eligibility, please contact the applicable assignment officer (AO) in the Assignments branch of EPM (EPM-2). 
“This initiative is designed to promote retention. But more importantly, it rewards members who have served in our Coast Guard and embodied our core values for most of their lives,” said Capt. Jonathan Carter, EPM division chief.    
“EPM intends to waive the two years of service normally required for members who wish to cancel approved retirements,” Carter added. However, this will only apply to 30-year retirements approved before the release of the Update to Active Duty Enlisted Retirement Beyond 30 Years ALCOAST 014/23.   
EPM is making additional process updates in accordance with this policy change. “We are also establishing a new screening window for the Senior Enlisted Continuation Board (SECB). Members are typically screened for continued service between years 20-21 and 25-26. Coinciding with the new 34-year time-in-service limit, EPM will institute a third SECB screening window between years 30-31 starting in 2023. The additional SECB screening window will ensure that only deserving members are eligible for this unique opportunity and the privilege of continued service in our Coast Guard,” Carter explained. 
For any general policy questions, please contact the Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133).  

  • Update to Active Duty Enlisted Retirement Beyond 30 Years ALCOAST 014/23