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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 23, 2023

Coast Guard announces supplemental advancement lists for select ratings 

By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Writer

As of Jan. 1, some third class petty officers may be eligible to bypass the annual Servicewide Exam (SWE) and advance to second class.

Active duty supplemental advancement lists will open for five ratings at the second class (E5) rank:

  • Culinary specialist (CS2), 
  • Damage controlman (DC2), 
  • Electrician’s mate (EM2), 
  • Electronics technician (ET2), 
  • Information systems technician (IT2). 

For your command to consider your placement on the supplemental list, you must ensure you have all prerequisites completed as well as the required time in grade. Additionally, you must have at least 12 months of good conduct eligibility prior to requesting placement on a supplemental advancement eligibility list.

Commanding officers or officers in charge can recommend members for placement on the supplemental advancement eligibility list, subject to conditions.  
To place a member on the list, commands should submit requests to Pay and Personnel Center (PPC) Advancement, Evaluations and Service Validation (ADV) via PPC Customer Care ticket. To view the proper format, click here.  
After receiving a request, PPC (ADV) will place the member’s name in the queue on the relevant supplemental advancement eligibility list, if all requirements have been met. If there are any missing requirements or information, PPC (ADV) will follow up by email with action items. 
As a reminder, members on the supplemental advancement eligibility list are not required to take the SWE. Members who fail to meet body composition requirements may be placed on the list, but commands should withhold advancement per Coast Guard policy. 
Members who request placement on the lists must be prepared for reassignment to fill authorized personnel allowances at the next higher paygrade. Members will be assigned according to timelines established for the applicable Assignment Year and allowed to complete for all open billets at the next higher paygrade advertised for the applicable Assignment Year. 
For more information, please see the Active Duty Supplemental Advancement Eligibility Announcement and Procedures for CS2, DC2, EM2, ET2, and IT2 ALCGENL 221/22. If you have any questions, please email David Lynch of PPC (ADV).

  • Active duty Supplemental Advancement Eligibility Announcement and Procedures for CS2, DC2, EM2, ET2, and IT2 ALCGENL 221/22