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Commentary | March 30, 2023

 Officers: You can make a difference in your new Officer Performance Assessment 

Officers, if you want to offer your input about how the new Officer Performance Assessment works, you must provide your feedback no later than April 7.  

“We are reaching out to various groups in to gain additional feedback on the proposed language, expectations, and system functionality to determine if/where any potential inequity, bias, or barriers reside,” said Cmdr. Kellee Nolan, Chief, Officer Evaluations Branch (OPM-3). 

Your feedback will be included with information collected earlier this year. The Officer Personnel Management (OPM) conducted structured focus groups across all officer paygrades in an effort to gather as much input as possible about the proposed system and its content.  

“This is a great opportunity to make the new program better before it goes into effect,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Sheehy, National Capital Region-Women’s Leadership Initiative, chair.  

If you are interested in offering your insight, here are a couple of steps to take.  

  1. Please  review the pre-recorded brief here:
  2. Review the proposed appraisal dimensions and expectations 

Then, provide your feedback In the OPM-3 form.  

“We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to check any groups of which you’re a member,” Nolan said.  
For more detailed information on the new Officer Performance Assessment, you can review the article The Officer Evaluation Report is getting its first major overhaul in over 35 years

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