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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 6, 2023

Submit your great ideas to support the Coast Guard Strategy

By Loretta Haring and AJ Pulkkinen

Now is the time to put forward your ideas to improve the Coast Guard. Vice Commandant, Adm. Steven Poulin, has launched a challenge for everyone within the Coast Guard to submit ideas supporting the Coast Guard Strategy. Post your suggestions on the service’s crowdsourcing platform, CGIdeas@Work, under “Coast Guard Strategy.” 

The strategy expands upon the Commandant's intent to:

  1. Transform our total workforce
  2. Sharpen our competitive edge
  3. Advance our mission excellence

“This is not the commandant’s strategy, or senior leadership’s strategy. This is the Coast Guard’s Strategy -- and the change we need requires time, perseverance, and innovative thinking from all levels of the organization,” Admiral Poulin wrote in the overview of the challenge on the CG_Ideas@Work site. “We need your help finding innovative solutions to the challenges we face. The Commandant and I encourage you to be bold and think differently.”

The Commandant calls the strategy “a call to action to adapt to the accelerating pace of change in today’s world.” Poulin joins Adm. Linda Fagan, Coast Guard Commandant, in encouraging members to share innovative thinking from all levels of the organization. provide ideas and solutions aimed at solving the Coast Guard’s most pressing challenges.

1.     Do you have any ideas for how we can achieve the Coast Guard’s three strategic goals: Transform Our Total Workforce
⦁    Deploy innovative recruiting practices
⦁    Revolutionize talent management policies
⦁    Develop individually tailored, on-demand, and modernized learning
⦁    Deliver point-of-need healthcare and family services
2.    Sharpen Our Competitive Edge
⦁    Focus and accelerate investments in technology and critical infrastructure
⦁    Advance a future-focused, integrated approach
⦁    Drive a culture of innovation
⦁    Leverage data as the catalyst
3.    Advance Our Mission Excellence
⦁    Be “Brilliant at the Basics”
⦁    Use our assets, people, and capabilities in new ways
⦁    Build on our ability to lead in crises
⦁    Safeguard a rapidly changing Marine Transportation System
⦁    Strengthen partnerships and improve maritime governance

The best ideas for advancing the service come from our members and we look forward to reading your submissions.

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