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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 24, 2023

Do you have a great idea that could benefit the Coast Guard Reserve? 

By Kyle Ford, MyCG Writer

Do you have a great idea that could benefit the Coast Guard Reserve? Is there a policy change that could significantly impact and improve the way reservists are organized, trained, and equipped. 

Now you can submit your suggestions directly to the Coast Guard Reserve Policy Board (CG RPB) with the Reserve Policy Board submission form.

Every year a select group of Coast Guard leaders evaluates, discusses and recommends policy changes. These changes can come from anyone in the Coast Guard, but until now there has been a lot of red tape. Previously, submitting an idea involved filling out a formal memorandum, receiving command endorsement, then routing it to the board. 

“This proved a tedious task, and one of the unintended consequences of formalizing the process was a reduction in submissions year-over-year,” said Lt. Louis Carsia, with Component Policy & Strategic Communications (CG-R55). 

The new online form allows any member to submit their idea any time without barriers. All you do is follow the link, fill out the fields and press submit. 

At the end of the year, the board produces an annual report for the commandant that contains the policy matters considered and recommended policy changes.

“By allowing members to more easily submit their ideas, this will hopefully increase the number of submissions, and as a result act as a driving force that enhances the RPB’s ability to facilitate change,” Carsia said.