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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 18, 2023

Coast Guard improves assignment priority for Indo-Pacific and hard-to-fill areas

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG Writer 

The Coast Guard just improved the Assignment Priority (AP) for members serving in the following locations: Micronesia, Valdez, Alaska, CG Air Station North Bend and Sector Humboldt Bay, and for members serving aboard CG Cutter Eagle.  

Every three years, the Enlisted Personnel Management Branch hosts a panel to adjudicate field submissions requesting changes to AP. 

The changes impact just under 700 members at 19 units. These updates reflect the strategic importance of a Coast Guard presence in the Indo-Pacific and the arduous nature of the assignments. The panel’s decisions were based on desirability data obtained through Direct Access.

The new AP Table retains the 1-6 AP scale, which was first implemented in 2020. 

Assignment Priority Tables Comparison by percentage and number of billets
  PR1 PR2 PR3 PR4 PR5 PR6
% Old 1% 3% 18% 8% 10% 60%
New 1% 3% 18% 9% 10% 59%
+ / - 0% 0% 0% +1% 0% -1%
Billets Old 180 872 4708 2218 2627 15997
New 180 872 4777 2376 2653 15744
+ / - 0 0 69 158 26 -253


The new AP table goes into effect for assignment year 2024.  

If you are serving at a unit where the AP was improved, you will assume the higher AP. If you are serving at a unit where the AP was downgraded, you retain the better AP until tour complete.  

No AP changes will be made retroactively for members transferring in assignment year 2023.  

If your AP has changed, your assignment officer will manually adjust your priority in Direct Access during the annual personnel allowance list validation (PALVal). You are encouraged to verify your AP and other pertinent information during career counseling prior to transferring. 

As your AP is relevant only in comparison to others in your rating, you can view the AP breakdown by rating for the old and new AP Tables on the EPM Sharepoint site.   

What is Assignment Priority? 

AP is the cornerstone of the enlisted assignment process and is one of 14 factors used to determine assignments. These 14 factors balance the needs of the service, the unit and the member.  

The 14 assignment factors: 

  1. Service need
  2. Assignment priority 
  3. Commanding officer's recommendation 
  4. Performance history 
  5. Member's desires 
  6. Time at present unit 
  7. Time in present geographic area 
  8. Previous assignment history (isolated, ashore, afloat, OCONUS and CONUS) 
  9. Advancement or promotion status and leadership potential 
  10. Service remaining in original enlistment (remaining obligated active-duty time for reservists) 
  11. Qualification codes 
  12. Service remaining before approved retirement date 
  13. Willingness to obligate service for transfer 
  14. Physical condition 


EPM site with new AP table 

ALCGENL 212/22 SUBJ: Enlisted Assignment Priority Review Panel – solicitation for input