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My Coast Guard
Commentary | May 23, 2023

Coast Guard seeks volunteers for 2023 National Jamboree hosted by Scouts BSA

By Kyle Ford, MyCG Writer 

The Coast Guard is looking for volunteers to share their skills and experiences with future leaders during the 2023 National Jamboree hosted by Scouts BSA, July 19-28 at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in Beckley, West Virginia. 

Prior Scouting experience isn’t required, but you must submit a volunteer packet by June 16 to be considered for this community service opportunity.  

The jamboree is an opportunity for us in the Coast Guard to highlight what we do and give the Scouts an experience of our mission, so when the time comes they may consider the Coast Guard as a career, according to Command Master Chief Shawn Burns, who is part of the National Scouting Jamboree Task Force.  

As part of the Coast Guard Task Force there a variety of positions you can volunteer for: administration, operations, exhibits, planning, logistics, merit badges, Sea Scouts, communications, public affairs, and safety/medical Liaison.  

“The kids come to the Coast Guard exhibits and learn about our missions and they get to play on the static display boats,” Burns said. 

The Coast Guard has supported 11 previous Jamborees and previous volunteers have used this community service to stand out from their peers for officer candidate school packages, officer-in-Charge review packages, Gold and Silver Badge packages, and civilian job promotions.  

Jamboree volunteers are eligible for the Jamboree Coast Guard Task Force award: Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation. Volunteers can also complete portions of their Incident Command System Personal Qualifications Standards in a Department of Defense exercise environment by working directly with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard members.  

That said, previous volunteers say the greatest reward was sharing their service stories with emerging leaders.  

“It was really rewarding giving kids a tour of the static displays (trailered small boats) we had on site and answering their questions about the Coast Guard,” said R. Eric Adams, Personnel Security Specialist, Station Cape Charles, Virginia. “I would take small groups from eight to ten people and tell them about the small boat and its missions and then I would turn it into a Q&A session and answer any questions they had about the Coast Guard.” 

This is a permissive orders opportunity and volunteers will be responsible their travel costs, meals and incidental expenses. While you will be berthed onsite in a tent with a provided cot, expect to pay $300-400 for food and lodging. You must also have permission from your first and second level supervisor to volunteer.  

Prospective volunteers should email an encrypted volunteer packet to Command Master Chief Shawn Burns that includes your:  

  • Name 
  • Rank/rate/position description and contact information 
  • Present unit and description of duties 
  • Coast Guard experience and specialties 
  • Name and contact information of your supervisor 
  • Command approval (email, memo, or letter) 
  • A list of up to four positions of interest.  

While Scouting experience isn’t necessary, if you have any it will be helpful to include a brief description of your Scouting experience, you highest scouting rank and a list of your Scouting training and certifications. Chosen volunteers will be notified by email.  

“This is a great opportunity for the Coast Guard to showcase our talent,” added Burns.  

For complete information on how to apply, see the ALCOAST 046/23 Solicitation for volunteers to support the Coast Guard Nation Scout Jamboree Task Force.  


Solicitation for volunteers to support the Coast Guard Nation Scout Jamboree Task Force, ALCOAST 046/23