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My Coast Guard
Commentary | July 11, 2023

Help wanted: volunteers to create a more inclusive Coast Guard

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG staff writer

You can influence the future of the Coast Guard’s culture by participating in the CG_Ideas@Work challenge. 

Submit your idea by 28 July. 

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-1D1) is drafting the FY24-29 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Strategic Plan and wants your input. As a member of the Coast Guard total workforce, what can you do to create a fair, inclusive, and empowering work environment where everyone thrives? What can your unit leadership do to support you and your shipmates?  

The Coast Guard’s mission in valuing diversity is to build a positive and respectful work environment in which every individual can prosper and contribute to Coast Guard missions.  

The CG’s current 2019-23 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan had three lines of effort: 

  • Develop D&I Acumen. 
  • Strengthen leadership’s D&I awareness and accountability. 
  • Build and maintain an inclusive total workforce. 

Through the DIAP, the CG: 

CG_Ideas@Work is accessible from any personal device and access to the Coast Guard network is not required. 

Email questions to the Coast Guard Innovation Program at

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DEIA Challenge on CG_Ideas@Work 

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