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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Aug. 1, 2023

Changing duty station or supervisors? Check out these new ways to update your information online

By Kyle Ford, MyCG Writer

When changing station, manager or address, don’t forget to update your personal information.  

You can now update your manager through the Pixel Dashboard; and personal information like name, address, unit name, job title, job location, and phone number at the ID Card Office Online

“Anytime you go to a new unit or even get a new supervisor, you should update this information,” said Lt. Brent Law, Coast Guard Cyber Command.  

Changing Managers 

To change managers: 

  1. Open the Pixel Dashboard. 
  2. Select CGFIXIT / Tech Help. 
  3. Select Member Information. This will open a page that contains your User Information. 
  4. Select Change Manager. 
    1. ​​​​Fill in new manager’s email information and select Verify Manager. 
    2. Select Save Manager Change. 
    3. Close the window. 

Note: It may take several days for the change to show up in the Global Address List.  

Update Personal Information 

To update your personal information: 

  1. Navigate to ID Card Online at ID Card Office Online (
  2. In the My Profile box, click Continue. 
  3. Select CAC, and click Login. If prompted, select your certificate. 
  4. On the Authentication screen, click Continue. 
  5. Click the correct work tab (MIL, CIV or CTR). Note: Changes made on the Personal tab won’t reflect on your contact card.) 
  6. Update the fields that have changed. 
  7. Select Submit. 

Note: It may take a few days for the changes to populate in the correct areas.  

If you have a problem updating your information you should submit a CGFIXIT ticket.