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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Aug. 3, 2023

Body composition screening requirements for October 2023, April 2024 semiannual screening updated for some commands during beta test

By Kyle Ford, MyCG Writer

Members of some operational units can take part in the Body Composition Screening (BCS) Beta Test for the October 2023 and April 2024 semiannual screening.  

The BCS Beta Test allows individuals assigned to cutters, boat stations, aids to navigation teams, and deployable specialized forces to use the Boatcrew Physical Fitness Test (PFT) as a first option for body composition compliance.  

For personnel outside the beta test group, the PFT is only an option if the member exceeds the maximum allowable weight and doesn’t achieve compliance through body fat assessment or abdominal circumference measurement.  

In order to ensure the health and safety of the workforce, the Coast Guard is limiting the PFT option to commands where a significant amount of people regularly complete a PFT, such as operational units.  

For October 2023 Screening 


  • Operational unit crewmembers who passed the Boatcrew PFT from May 1, 2023 onwards can enter their pass date into Direct Access to satisfy the requirement for the October 2023 BCS Beta Test.  
  • Member passing the PFT between Feb. 1 and April 30 will have to pass another Boatcrew PFT before Sept. 30 to qualify for the Beta Test.  
  • If you passed your last PFT prior to Feb. 1 or have never taken the PFT, you must complete a medical pre-screening to determine your eligibility to safely participate in the Boatcrew PFT.  
  • Personnel and units that cannot complete the Boatcrew PFT will have to comply with the normal BCS program procedures.  


For members who have met the above eligibilities:  

  • Commands will enter the following example text in the “remarks” block at the bottom of the weight and body composition module in Direct Access between Oct. 1-31: “Boatcrew PFT Pre-Screening date: DDMMMYYYY, Pass date: DDMMMYYYY.”  
  • If you weren’t required to complete the medical pre-screening, enter “N/A” for the pre-screening date.  
  • This Direct Access entry during the month of October 2023 is the final step to participate in the October 2023 BCS Beta Test. 

For April 2024 Screening 

  • Eligibility and completion dates for April 2024 BCS cycle will be published no later than Jan. 31, 2024.  

The Boatcrew PFT consists of push-ups and sit-ups within one minute, and either a timed 1.5 mile run or a 12-minute swim.  

At the end of the Beta Test an evaluation will be conducted to determine how well it worked and if the Boatcrew PFT will become a permanent option.  

For medical screening questions, contact COMDT (CG-112) at  

For general policy questions, contact Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) at or visit the Body Composition website