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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Aug. 30, 2023

New office reduces the logistics burden for remote expeditions

By Cmdr. Jeff Henderson, Deputy Office Chief, Office of Expeditionary Logistics (DOL-X)

Talk about logistics to any Coast Guard operator deployed to a remote region and they may share a common frustration – getting what they need, when they need it, and in the right location, can be difficult and all-consuming.  

The Office of Expeditionary Logistics (DOL-X), the Coast Guard’s solution to relieve the remote logistics burden, celebrated reaching its full operational capability with a ribbon cutting ceremony Aug. 14 in Alameda, Calif.  

“DOL-X represents our unwavering commitment to the development and execution of Coast Guard expeditionary logistics,” said Rear Adm. Carola List, Director of Operational Logistics (DOL), during the milestone ceremony.  

Without question, expeditionary operations demand more from our existing mission support enterprise. The deputy commandant for Mission Support’s, Mission Support Action Plan, designed DOL-X to reduce logistical burdens for crews operating in remote environments and initial prototype tests have demonstrated real-time, measurable impacts. Expeditionary operations demand innovative solutions that extend operational reach while leveraging support from interagency and joint partners, coalition forces, and host nations. As DOL-X continues to mature, efforts will continue to ensure end-to-end synchronization and reliability and most importantly, lighten the load from the backs of our deployed shipmates. 

Before becoming fully operational, DOL-X tested its capabilities with assigned DOL-X personnel providing dedicated logistical support for Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk’s deployment to U.S. Africa Command, two fast response cutters deployed to Patrol Forces Southwest Asia, and Coast Guard Cutter Midgett’s deployment to the Western Pacific. The downrange logisticians successfully integrated into the U.S. Navy’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh fleets to act as in-theatre logistical integrators. In doing so, DOL-X created first-class partnerships at the fleet and task force level for logistics support.  

These initial tests were so successful that DOL-X will now be supporting Coast Guard Cutter Stratton and Munro’s Western Pacific patrols. The former patrol included the completion of a historic Taiwan Strait transit and the first trilateral exercise between the Philippines, Japan, and the U.S. Both deployments were unique and dynamic opportunities to refine DOL-X’s in-theatre deployment support and further enhance interoperability with DoD and partner nations.