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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Oct. 11, 2023

Coast Guard streamlines guaranteed A-school process

By AJ Pulkkinen, MyCG Writer

In the Vested Crewmember beta test, graduates of recruit training who have guaranteed BM, GM, ET, or DC A-school will be assigned to a petty officer third class position in their future rating. They will PCS from Cape May to their first unit, go temporary duty to A-school and, upon graduation, return to that same unit. 

These members will be able to maximize their non-rated time by gaining a better understanding of their unit’s needs and missions to provide context when at A-school. This change encourages units to invest in their member and see a greater benefit when their member returns as a rated petty officer. It also saves a PCS move, allows commands to capitalize on local training and qualifications, and reduces the churn of members in-and-out of a unit.  

The previous process for those who guaranteed A-schools were cumbersome and hampered recruitment efforts. Because the applicant’s date to start boot camp needed to be within 11-14 weeks of their subsequent A-school convening date, the Coast Guard Recruiting Command often delayed their accession. For schools with long wait times, potential applicants sometimes lost interest and walked away.   

The Vested Crewmember beta test will include the BM, DC, ET and GM ratings, but may be expanded soon to meet the needs of the Service. 

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