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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Nov. 9, 2023

Coast Guard Academy unveils new football uniforms in honor of Douglas Munro

By Coast Guard Academy

The Coast Guard Academy revealed the new Bears football uniform this week and is a tribute to the heroic legacy of Petty Officer Douglas Munro, the Coast Guard's only Medal of Honor recipient.  

These new uniforms celebrate the bravery and selflessness displayed by Munro during the Battle of Guadalcanal, where he made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Douglas Munro's courageous actions earned him the highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor. He selflessly used his Higgins boat to shield and evacuate Marines led by then Lt. Col. Chesty Puller, who found themselves under heavy enemy fire at Point Cruz, Guadalcanal. His unwavering devotion to duty and willingness to sacrifice his life to rescue his fellow servicemen exemplify the values upheld by the U.S. Coast Guard. 

The new football uniforms represent the valor demonstrated by Munro. They feature design work emblematic of the Medal of Honor as well as the date of his sacrifice, Sept. 27, 1942, as a solemn reminder of his courage and commitment. The uniforms jerseys are a light blue while the pants are Navy blue, reminiscent of the dungarees uniforms worn by Coast Guard servicemembers during WWII. In addition, Adidas shifted their typical logo placement on the jerseys to allow the Medal of Honor logo to sit over the heart for this collaboration. 

The helmet features the Signalman First Class insignia, in honor of Munro's rate and rank at the time of his actions. 

The uniform pants also feature the insignia of the U.S. Marine Corps unit that Munro rescued, further commemorating the bonds formed in the crucible of combat between the two services. They are also emblazoned with the words World War II and Guadalcanal representing the conflict in which Munro's heroism proved to be instrumental.  

Yet, these uniforms are not just about Munro. They stand as a tribute to the entire enlisted corps of the U.S. Coast Guard, whose unwavering dedication and bravery have safeguarded our nation's shores for over two centuries. 

The uniforms will be worn with pride at the annual Secretaries Cup Football Game on Nov. 11, when the Bears face their long-time football rivals the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.