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Commentary | Nov. 30, 2023

New Healthcare Video Connect allows you to meet with assigned healthcare provider via livestream


To increase availability of healthcare services and support the resiliency of our shipmates and families, the Coast Guard recently implemented the Video Connect telehealth application, which is integrated with MHS Genesis, the electronic medical record used throughout the Coast Guard and Military Health System.  

MHS Video Connect allows patients to meet with their assigned military health provider via livestream on any computer, tablet, smart phone or other mobile device.  

Following in-depth testing to ensure optimal functioning for the Coast Guard, MHS Video Connect was activated at all ashore clinics in September 2023. Patients can now determine, with their medical provider, if a Video Connect virtual appointment is appropriate. This new ability facilitates improved access to care for patients in many different scenarios such as patients with busy schedules, or routine care that does not require an in-person visit.  

Coast Guard healthcare providers have been pleased with the seamlessness of using MHS Video Connect.   

“MHS Video Connect has been a game changer for providing behavioral healthcare to members in my district who are unable to come into the clinic,” said a medical provider who piloted the application.” MHS Video Connect has also facilitated coverage needed in other districts. Appointments and consultations are not limited by physical distance.” 

“We are excited about the prospects this solution brings to our providers and patients,” said Lt. Cmdr. Swati Singh, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer. “MHS Video Connect is just one way we are improving access to care for our members. The intent is to provide more patient-focused experiences leading to better medical outcomes.” 

In fact, MHS Video Connect is part of the larger effort to modernize the entire healthcare system. Alongside the MHS Genesis electronic medical record system, the MHS Video Connect application is a convenient, secure option to receive your care. It is integrated across all Defense Health Agency Military Treatment Facilities which better facilitates continuity of care for our members. 

MHS Video Connect virtual appointments are considered a viable option by medical providers for many appointment requests. When requesting an appointment, patients should communicate with their providers and/or appointment schedulers to determine which option best meets their needs.  

Further information about MHS Video Connect and MHS Genesis is available at: 


Defense Health Agency website about MHS Video Connect at 

Defense Health Agency website about MHS Genesis at