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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Dec. 5, 2023

After 20 years the Coast Guard is changing their Personal Defense Weapon

By MyCG Team

After almost 20 years with the SIG Sauer P229-DAK as the Coast Guard’s personal defense weapon (PDW), it’s time to say farewell as we transition to the Glock G 19 Gen5 9mm. Officially starting in August 2023, the multi-phased transition for the Glock G19 began with Districts 8 and 9.  

The FORCECOM-Weapons System Branch (FC-AWS) is implementing a phased approach, rather than mass implementation, to closely monitor the rollout. This controlled approach has allowed them to take advantage of lessons learned in the districts, minimizing interruptions as the transition moves throughout the Coast Guard. As of Oct. 13, 2023, over 700 pistols have been fielded throughout Districts 8 and 9. The remaining districts can expect to see the new PDW starting in the second quarter of FY24.  

This new pistol and ammunition will align the service with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) partners and is expected to increase shooter comfort and performance.  

“Field units are eager to use this new weapon, and FC-AWS and CG-721 are excited to complete the transition while also ensuring safe, standardized, and sustainable weapons for our Service,” said Chris Graham, weapons and ordnance division chief. 

Members at units anticipating the change can expect to requalify with the Glock 19’s new course of fire. The Pistol Qualification Course (PQC) must be completed by each member prior to transitioning to the Glock 19. Those with concerns can contact their servicing armories for information on getting qualified on the PQC.  

With the transition underway, FC-AWS and CG-721 has already seen positive feedback on the weapon.  

“We are seeing higher qualification rates with the new weapon and new course of fire. Most people like it more and it is much easier to maintain,” said Capt. Kevin Saunders, Division Chief for FC-A.  

FC-A welcomes end-user process, program, or any other feedback from the field! If you have feedback to provide, please use the link below. FC-A will be automatically notified once submitted and will respond as quickly as possible. 



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