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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 19, 2024

Learn about the Coast Guard’s new rating: Talent Acquisition Specialist

By MyCG Staff

The Coast Guard marked a significant milestone this week by establishing a new rating completely focused on recruitment. Until now, we were the only military service without a permanent recruiting specialty for enlisted members. 

Establishing the TA rating will happen over several years. When fully established, it will be similar to the Diver rating because it will be open to E5 and above.   

Traditionally, recruiting has been treated as a special assignment, with recruiters completing one tour before returning to the fleet. However, the process of recruiting new members looks a lot different today, and critical skills and experience make a real difference. 

Currently, less than a quarter of our recruiters have completed multiple tours in recruiting. The new TA rating creates a career path for members excited about finding the best ways to identify and recruit people with the skills we need.  

“The new Talent Acquisition rating is another step in modernizing the Coast Guard’s efforts to recruit, train, and retain the Nation’s very best into its ranks,” said Rear Admiral Russel Dash, Commander of the Personnel Service Center, which oversees Coast Guard Recruiting Command. “This group of talented and dedicated professional recruiters will be the first glimpse of the Coast Guard for many new Sentinels, and we owe it to them and those they access to provide all the tools necessary to build the Coast Guard of the future.”  

Phase 1 will be implemented in AY25 with follow on phases implemented over the next few years. As a first step, the service will establish a TA Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC) and Rating Knowledge Manager (RKM). Then, applicants with experience in the Coast Guard's recruiting workforce will be considered for an initial 80 positions, such as Recruiter in Charge and other key leadership positions. 
Ultimately, Recruiting Command will convert about half of the current special assignment recruiting billets into TA billets keeping the other half open for anyone interested in doing a special assignment outside their rate in recruiting.  This will ensure we have a mix of trained and experienced TA Specialists and experienced Sentinels from all ratings with operational recency in their specialty.  The remaining recruiter billets will still be available as special assignments for those interested in roles outside their rate in recruiting. After successfully executing a special assignment tour, members will have the opportunity to apply for selection as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. 

“We know you have a lot of questions and we want to reassure you of our commitment to keeping you informed,” said Master Chief Petty Officer Randall Lawrence, Command Master Chief for Coast Guard Recruiting Command. “A staff dedicated to recruiting will allow us to enhance our focus on the recruitment mission. The term Talent Acquisition Specialist underscores a broader and more comprehensive approach that aims to improve efficiency and consistency in our recruiting efforts as we build upon our resilient and capable force.” As the TA rating is implemented, additional details, including timelines and application criteria, will be communicated through upcoming messages. 

For additional information and details, please refer to the Talent Acquisition SharePoint site, where you’ll also find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also e-mail with questions. 


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