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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 24, 2024

Civilians: Welcome Aboard, a new civilian sponsorship track from the Mentoring Program, needs you!

By MyCG Writer

Joining the Coast Guard civilian workforce comes with its challenges, and the adjustment can feel daunting. Whether it be understanding the lingo or accessing your workstation, the Coast Guard Mentoring Program wants to help with this transition, and you can too!  

As part of the program’s National Mentoring Month celebrations, they are launching Welcome Aboard, a new civilian sponsorship track designed to help newly appointed civilians seamlessly transition in their first 90 days. The track will connect them with a dedicated civilian sponsor who will serve as a guide and answer any questions they may have.  

“Ensuring the success of our new civilian employees will have a profound effect on personnel readiness and workforce resilience” said Dr. Donna Navarro, executive director or personnel readiness, and senior advisor to the Commandant for Diversity and Inclusion. “Not only will harnessing the collective wisdom of more experienced civilian peers improve the onboarding experience, but it also makes us a more attractive employer. The guidance mentors have provided over the past two years has helped individuals navigate challenges, discover their strengths and unlock their full potential within the Coast Guard. I look forward to Welcome Aboard supporting our new civilian workforce to ensure that all personnel have equal opportunities to grow and excel.” 

Who can be a sponsor? 

If you are a civilian who is enthusiastic about ensuring that others feel welcome and included in the organization, then you would make a great sponsor. You can meet with the new civilian employee as little or as much as you would like. Even a few calls and meetings can have a tremendous impact. 

“By sharing your knowledge, experience and insights with our newest civilian personnel you will create a welcoming environment, setting them up for success from day one,“ said Carl Boehmer, Mentoring Program Manager. “Sponsors will make a lasting impact, while enhancing their own leadership skills. They’ll also contribute to the growth and strength of the Coast Guard as we strive to foster a culture of excellence and inclusivity.”  

How it works 

You’ll be contacted by the Mentoring Program once they connect you with a new employee.  You will then connect with that new employee and teach them about our culture, introduce them to others in the service, and guide them through the HR process and Coast Guard systems, among other things. 

How do I sign up? 

Becoming a sponsor is easy — all you have to do is join the Welcome Aboard track here. If you are not enrolled in the Mentoring Program, go here to enroll. 


For questions about the Welcome Aboard track, whether it’s about signing up as a sponsor or if you’re a new civilian looking for guidance, please reach out to the Coast Guard Mentoring Program for more information.