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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Jan. 29, 2024

Good Order and Discipline: Fiscal Year 2023 Fourth Quarter report

By MyCG Team

The Good Order and Discipline (GOAD) report for the final quarter of 2023 is now available. The GOAD report covers disciplinary actions taken against military and civilian personnel and provides a selection of cases seen throughout the quarter. In sharing these cases, it is important to know that the offenses committed are provided with limited detail to protect the privacy of those effected.  

Sharing the quarterly GOAD report is a great opportunity to encourage discussion of acceptable and unacceptable conduct by using real life scenarios to highlight the consequences. The goal of this transparency is to make the Coast Guard a better and safer environment for all.  

The GOAD and its contents are broken into many categories. The following highlights a few cases:  

1. Anti-Harassment Program Management Office (AHPO).  

A Lt. j.g. received a negative CG-3307 after bullying a junior officer. The Lt. j.g. manifested a deliberate intent to humiliate the other member by berating them in the presence of others. This included cursing at the member and responding in a rude, condescending, and excessive manner. This behavior compromised the Lt. j.g.’s standing as an officer and engendered a toxic atmosphere.  

2. Other administrative actions.  

A Lt. Cmdr. voluntarily separated in lieu of further disciplinary and administrative action after substantiated reports were confirmed in which he allowed and encouraged subordinate members to engage in sexual activities with his spouse.  

A Chief Warrant Officer voluntarily retired in lieu of Special Board action after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol on a military installation after colliding with a guard shack.  

3. Non-judicial punishment:  

An E-6 utilized a false prosthetic appendage for a urinalysis and falsified the urinalysis checklist stating they provided a sample that was not altered. The member was awarded 45 days of restriction, 45 days of extra duty, a forfeiture of $1,937 for two months, and a reduction to E-5.  

An E-5 made various unauthorized purchases on their government travel charge card (GTCC) totaling $2,544.42 and failed to pay the balance once directed. Use of a GTCC for other than authorized purposes and failure to pay the balance on time violates lawful general orders. The member was awarded reduction to E-4.  

4. Reserve Personnel:  

Two junior enlisted members received administrative discharges for drug use.  

5. Civilian Personnel--Disciplinary/Administrative Actions:  

A GS-14 was suspended for seven days for making offensive comments.  

A GS-13 was suspended for ten days for failing to follow supervisory instructions and failing to follow policy.  

Additional information: 

Previous GOAD reports are available here.  

Additional resources on the topics of workplace harassment can be found at:  Anti-Harassment Program Management Office (  

How to File an Anti-Harassment and Hate Incident (AHHI) Complaint: 

Anyone, civilian or military, who has witnessed or has been subject to behavior believed to be harassment or hate may make an AHHI complaint to:  

  1. Any person of authority within the member or employee’s chain of command, or  
  2. The AHPO (identified or anonymously) at:  


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