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My Coast Guard
Commentary | Feb. 1, 2024

Celebrate Black History Month with the Coast Guard!

By MyCG Team

Celebrate Black History Month with the Coast Guard at this year’s event: African Americans and the Arts. Taking place on Feb. 15th at 1100 EST, this celebration will be both virtual and in person for those local to Coast Guard Headquarter’s in Washinton D.C. 

At African Americans and the Arts, attendees can expect to be immersed in a world of black culture and art featuring a segment of spoken word, a musical performance, and words from this year’s keynote speaker: Bishop Aaron R. Jones. Bishop Jones is a 20-year veteran of the Armed Forces, a former Chaplain for the National Guard and has authored 39 books. Bishop will be speaking on the art of the orator and how African Americans have used their voice to create change within our Nation. 

The significance of this speech lies in its focus on how the African American voice, despite facing challenges, has been a vital force in creativity and inspiration. The theme honors the historical and cultural contributions of African Americans and seeks to inspire both current and future generations. The address will highlight the power of art and expression in overcoming adversity and fostering positive societal changes, illustrating the dynamic influence of the African American spirit in both art and community upliftment.

These events are not just about honoring the varied backgrounds of our members but also about reinforcing our pledge to be an inclusive Service where every contribution is valued. The celebration of cultural events, including African American heritage within the U.S. Coast Guard, reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, key tenets of our Core Values. 

Mr. Jeffrey Radgowski, the Deputy Assistant Commandant for Intelligence (CG2D) and this year's Executive Champion for Black History Month, alongside his dedicated team, have invested months of effort into this event. Their collaboration and unique perspectives have been pivotal in creating a memorable experience for everyone to enjoy. 

This years project Officer, Intelligence Specialist Petty Officer 1st Class Cameron Robinson, stated, "Through these celebrations, we aim to deepen understanding and respect for diverse cultures among our members, thereby strengthening the unity and empathy within our workforce." 

These observations give the Coast Guard an opportunity to reaffirm its dedication to creating a diverse and representative workforce, acknowledging the strength that comes from embracing our different histories and experiences. 

To attend this event online join here, or call in at 410-874-6742, conference ID: 297 334 105# 

Local attendees are encouraged to be in the Ray Evans Conference Room before 1100.



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