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Commentary | April 1, 2024

Introducing Skillsoft Percipio – Your new interactive, personalized learning platform

By FORCECOM Career Investment Division

On March 1, 2024, the Coast Guard workforce gained access to the new version of Skillsoft, called Percipio, from any CAC-enabled device. Percipio is an immersive learning platform that provides all Coast Guard personnel with a more interactive experience for professional development.  

Percipio makes learning personalized and accessible, offering a blend of self-paced online courses, books and audio books, hands-on practice and live online bootcamps to close skill gaps.  

“Percipio is another valuable tool in the professional development toolbox for our Coast Guard military and civilian members, and it’s free!” said Steve Keck, Chief of FORCECOM’s Career Investment division. “All Coast Guard members should take advantage of the incredible learning opportunities that Percipio offers.” 

Whether you're looking to enhance your current skills or learn something new, Percipio has got you covered. CG military and civilian personnel can utilize Percipio’s vast library of free online resources, including over 200 structured learning paths and more than 800 curated training channels. Percipio also features channels with content curated around both DHS and Coast Guard leadership and career development, Coast Guard civilian workforce communities, and certification preparation resources, training and bootcamps.  

“The fact that Percipio offers free certification preparation training is amazing,” said Keck. “We already provide $4,500 per fiscal year for members to use towards certification preparation and exam fees, but Coast Guard members will get more bang for their buck if they are able to use Percipio to prepare for the credentialing exam and then only need Coast Guard funding to cover their exam costs”. 

Additional benefits of Percipio:

  • Provides quick, targeted learning focusing on specific tasks 
  • Easy-to-use search capabilities 
  • Users can easily create their own training playlists and get personalized learning recommendations. 

To access Percipio: 

  • Coast Guard personnel can access Percipio by visiting:  
  • Log-in is enabled through Single Sign-On (SSO) with a Common Access Card (CAC) 
  • Training resources for navigating and utilizing Percipio will be made available at the following webpage: SkillPort  

What does this transition from SkillPort to Percipio mean to Coast Guard members?  

  • SkillPort will be retired and no longer accessible as of May 15, 2024. All SkillPort users should complete their learning programs by April 15, 2024. 
  • SkillPort training records will not transfer to Percipio. Users should download and save their learning transcripts from SkillPort before May 1, 2024, to preserve their learning history. 
  • Instructions to download transcripts from SkillPort: 
  • Percipio does not replace the Coast Guard's Learning Management System (LMS)/Online World of Learning (CG-OWL). All mandated training requirements shall be fulfilled through the LMS/CG-OWL. 

Please address comments or questions concerning Skillsoft Percipio training to