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My Coast Guard
Commentary | April 10, 2024

How to access your Coast Guard military records

By Michael Lemorie, Program Manager, PSC–BOPS–C CGMHRR

Many members who want to access their Coast Guard Military Human Resources Records (CGMHRR), can now do so electronically.  

If you left the service on or after Oct. 1, 2006, you can now access your CGMHRR from iPERMS, the interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System. Just go to: or 

The Veterans Affairs Office also has direct access to view those records through the Defense Personnel Records Information Retrieval System (DPRIS). 

If you separated before Oct. 1, 2006, your CGMHRR is available in a paper format and located at the National Personnel Record Center  

Veterans Affairs will need to contact the National Personnel Records Center directly to view documents. 

What’s in my CGMHRR? 

Your CGMHRR documents your career, meets legal requirements, serves as the record to justify Human Capital Management (HCM) transactions, and answers audit questions while you are a member of the Coast Guard.  Your CGMHRR was composed of three geographically separated records:  

  1. The Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) Personnel Data Record (PDR) which was maintained by your assigned SPO, contained various documents about your career, and primarily functioned as the source document repository to justify your pay and benefits. 
  2. The UNIT PDR was maintained by your Unit and functioned as a “working” copy of your SPO PDR in situations where under weigh missions were too lengthy and distant. 
  3. The Electronically Imaged (EI) PDR was maintained by Head Quarters in an electronic system and functioned as your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).   

How to access other records 

If you need other records or assistance: 

  1. Medical records: 
  2. Merchant Marine records:   
  3. USCG Auxiliarist records:    
  4. USCG civilian personnel records:  
  5. To verify service:  or  
  6. To verify salary:   
  7. All other privacy related information about a member:    
  8. USCG does NOT manage the DSLOGON program.  If you are having issues with DSLOGON you must contact DMDC  

All records are complete and accurate based on what the USCG received for permanent retention. If you believe something is missing, please initiate a record correction by contacting Board for Correction of Military Records: